Software Download Page

TeleScreen-32 PRO (1.3 meg download) 
TelePrompTer software for the  multimedia PC. PRO DUAL MONITOR options. 3/15/08

Download Version 6

DeBoard (2.2 meg) 
Digital Signage & PC Broadcast Display System (multimedia based)

Download Version 2.2.3

User's Manual 1.6.1 
(pdf format/zip 995k 42 pages)

StudioPrompter IV (2.4 meg) 
Studio PrompTer software for the Multimedia PC. DUAL MONITOR options 3/15/08

Download Version 4

 ver 1.0
Video Horizontal Crawl software for the PC
Download version 1 Mid West USA
LitePrompter 4
 (1 meg) version 4
Prompter software for those on a budget for the PC.
Download Version 4

USERS 3.2. 10/18/00 MANUAL East Coast USA

(PDF Format/Zip 37 kb 23 pages)

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