TeleScreen-32 Pro v5

What's new In version 5

Use Multiple Monitors automatically.
If you have a second monitor connected as a separate monitor it will be used automatically for the Talent display..

More operator monitor controls and a new scrolling display on primary monitor.
When using a second monitor you have complete control of the session from the operator monitor. The talent will not see the program interface, just the controlled smooth scrolling text.

New faster Interface

More Start/Stop Options

Foreign language interface (more lanuages will be added)
Suggested Uses
  • Talking head Video
  • Rotating Displays
  • Home Video Titling (using fading)
  • Speech Rehearsal
  • Choirs Performance
  • Music/Lyric Performance
  • Broadcast Scheduling (scroll)
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Airport
  • Public Speaking
  • Designed for All Microsoft Windows OS.
  • Standard Window's user interface.
  • Dual Monitor Support.
  • Operator Monitor.
  • Prompts in any window's compatible language and font.
  • Mouse Wheel is Speed hand-controller
  • Mouse Movement Speed Control.
  • Jump To Markers  99 per text file.
  • Scroll from five text files on the fly.
  • Play WAV or MIDI files while scrolling!
  • Automated Timer Cue/Start  Mode for one person shoots.
  • Reverse Mirror Text, NO VGA hardware reverser need.
  • Variable speed, scroll direction, pause.
  • Uses all Windows colors and fonts. 
  • Full-featured text editor included.
  • Save Multiple Configurations. 
  • Color bars and countdown generator for video.
  • Font sizes from 6 to 200.
  • Real-Time Fading titles in all resolutions.
  • Real-Time Text Effects (emboss, blur laplace filter,etc.)
  • Display Scaling & Sizing for any display.
  • Text Search and Replace.
  • Drag and Drop adjustable output window size.
  • Built in Context Sensitive Help system(press F1).
  • Print a hard copy using current scroll font.
  • Unlimited script size in Nt/XP 
  • In Windows 95/Windows 98/Windows ME text script size is 5x 32k.
TeleScreen-32 Pro teleprompter software can be ordered directly from DRS-DIGITRAX Sales or through our purchase page . Phone DRS, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday to place an order. Have your credit card or purchase order ready. Registration license emailed as a zip attachment upon credit approval during regular business hours.

The first teleprompter for the Multimedia PC (June 97), and still the Video TelePrompTer of choice for Video Pro's. The only Multimedia PC TelePrompTer that works the way you do. Truly a time saver. TeleScreen-32 has all of the user-friendly features our customers have come to expect from this easy-to-use software product. Check out our features and improvements to see how  much more professional your next production will be. Whether you're looking at it because of its ease-of-use features, or price, TeleScreen-32 will do it all.

TeleScreen-32 TelePrompTer software also does video scroll and fade titling in a flash. With built in features like TV Titling, real time Fading titles, color bars and countdowns, you can perfect video leaders and trailers in no time! Download a copy today and then purchase online at your convenience. The full version demo program is free,  and will only take about 4 to 7 minutes to download via 56k modem.  Registered users receive unlimited phone support for first 60 days.   See for yourself why video producers world wide are using this award winning teleprompter software.
  • 1.5 meg hard disk space 
  • Pentium 166 MHZ or greater
  • 4+ Meg 32 bit video card, 32+ meg 64/128 bit video card is much better.
  • W95/98/ME/NT4/2K/XP
  • 32 megs of Ram
  • Mouse
Suggested Options
  • High Quality Scan Converter Or VGA To NTSC Converter
  • Very High quality Svideo out on video card
  • Windows 2K/XP  (for larger text file sizes > 32k)
  • Sound Card
  • Second video card and Monitor
Dual Monitor

Download TeleScreen-32 Program

The demo version is fully functional . The only restriction is the product name that is randomly added to your text while scrolling. Open the Welcome text file and the ReadMe.txt file for requirements and instructions.  A self extracting EXE will provide an install and un-install wizard. Run SETUP after expanding. For primo results use a 640x480 screen with 256 colors. 

Does not require a "dongle" that higher priced teleprompters may require. Even though most current day teleprompters use PC's with software, some require "dongle's" to verify their software registration.  Our software does not. The software license is not copy-protected.