StudioPrompter III

What's new In StudioPrompter version 3

Use Multiple Monitors automatically.
If you have a second monitor connected as a separate monitor, it can be used automatically as the Talent or Image displaySee the included tutorial for setup tips.

Synchronized Slide Show with Text and Audio
The slide show option plays full screen images on the second monitor while reading the script from the primary monitor.  Simple to use, just insert an image marker into the teleprompter script to indicate when to play the image.  Each Image Marker will play a different image.  This option Uses generic windows bitmap images, (TIP: Power Point Slides can be saved in this format for playback in StudioPrompter 3.
Second Monitor Talk Back
Communicate with the Talent in real-time during the scrolling text. Plus, this option also provides the script and session reading elapsed time on the talent monitor.

Operator monitor controls display on primary monitor.
When using a second monitor you have complete control of the session from the operator monitor. The talent will not see the program interface, just the controlled smooth scrolling text.

Rundown List and 8 Alternate files
Standard user definable rundown list lets you change the run order while playing script files. Another feature, the Alternate file options permit you to continuously play 1 of 8 script files by pressing a single function key

Foreign language interface. (more languages are being added)

These features make StudioPrompter the most powerful, low-cost prompter system on the Planet!
  • StudioPrompter is Designed for Microsoft Windows
  • Horizonal Laptop Flip
  • Top To Bottom Scroll (Laptop Podium reflector)
  • Bottom to Top Scroll (standard)
  • Reverse Mirror Text, NO VGA hardware reverser need.
  • Matrox DualHead video card support (not W95)
  • Standard window's  user interface
  • Prompts in any Window's compatible language
  • Mouse Wheel doubles as a hand-controller
  • Mouse Movement Speed Control.
  • Rich Text or Plain Text format.
  • Scrolls in foreign languages (RTF)
  • Multiple Font Type & Sizes per single line.
  • Floating Control Bar (Forward,Pause, Reverse, etc)
  • Play WAV or MIDI files while scrolling for an audio track.
  • Automated Timer Cue Mode for one person shoots.
  • Use any window's foreground & background colors. 
  • Full-featured text editor included.
  • Half Screen/Full Screen Edit Mode
  • Save Multiple Talent Configurations.
  • Synchronized slide show on second monitor.
  • Color bars and Countdown generator for video.
  • Real-Time Fading on Image backgrounds.
  • Text Search and Replace.
  • Adjustable output window position and size.
  • Drag and Drop fading title screen positioning.
  • Built in Context Sensitive Help system [F1] key
  • Print a hard copy using current display fonts.
  • Script file size upto a half MEG x 8!
  • Inews or any text data compatible.
  • Unlimited News Story Rundown list.
  • No-Interface mode  (start prompter using other programs)
  • Vertical Line Spacing Adjustment.
  • Reload and Loop Text.
Suggested Options
  • High Quality Scan Converter Or VGA To NTSC Converter
  • Second separate video board, S3 Virge or Matrox G450/550  with a Second Monitor.
  • Windows NT4.0 or Windows 2000 
  • Sound Card
  • 2 meg hard disk space 
  • Pentium 233+ mhz CPU
  • W95/98/ME/NT4/2K/XP
  • Pentium 233+ mhz CPU
  • Dual or Single monitor.
  • 16+ Meg 32 bit video card, 32 meg, 128 bit video card is much much better.
  • 32 or 64 megs of Ram (More video ram is preferred over higher speed CPU)
  • 48 megs of ram if using laptop computer
  • Mouse

Using Multiple Monitors and Multiple Documents will make your next video project a money making success.
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