LitePrompter 4

LitePrompter can help video professionals to produce documentaries and other "talking head" segments with ease. It can also be used for quick video titling if your PC has a high quality SVideo out or scan converter connected to it. Any text file can be used for scrolling material, and the program comes with a  ton of options accessed from its intuitive, attractive interface.

LitePrompter is designed specifically for the educational market and others on a restricted budget. The price may be low, but LitePrompter is big on smooth scrolling ,and is the easiest-to-use Windows based TelePrompTer software on the market.
  • LitePrompter uses any window's font and color.
  • Built-in Windows Style text editor.
  • Unlimited number of lines @ 0-10 lines per second.
  • Variable scrolling speed and direction using keyboard.
  • Adjust font size and speed while scrolling.
  • Play from Cursor.
  • Multiple save able program configurations.
  • Full page Printing.
The demo version is fully functional. The only restriction is the logo that scrolls every ??? line.  Open the Welcome text file and the on-line help system for requirements and instructions.  1.3 meg self extracting EXE with setup and un-install wizard. Run SETUP after expanding.
Hardware teleprompters are expensive.

Try using our telepromting software on your PC either below or to the side of your camera.  Test your talent through-the-lens to make sure the distance they are being taped is adequate to prevent the audience from seeing their eyes move.  You CAN be as professional without paying the high price associated with costly teleprompter hardware.

Licensed users  receive phone and email support. This self extracting EXE file includes both install and un-install wizards. For best trouble free results, use a 640x480 screen with 256 colors. Higher resolutions MAY NOT work well for your current hardware platform. Download and test to verify your particular use before purchasing.

  •  1 meg. hard disk space
  • Scan Converter Or VGA To NTSC Converter
  • 2+ Meg 32/64 Bit Video Card 
  • W95/98/ME/NT4/2K/XP
  • Desktop: 120 mhz Pentium  with  16 - 24 mb ram 
  • Laptop: 150 mhz Pentium - 32 megs of ram.
  • The Following Options are not available
    in LitePrompter, but are
    provided in TeleScreen-32 Pro (our medium priced Professional Teleprompting Software package) or StudioPrompter (our Professional Studio Teleprompting Software package).

    Adjust Output Window Size Multimedia Players
    Fading Text titles
    Use Color Bars Tv Titles
    Use Count Down Mouse wheel speed Control
    Toggle Screen Clock On Loop-Mode Repeat
    Start By Auto Timer No Pause during Loop
    Set Auto Start Time Reverse Mirror Text
    Use 10 Second Background Drag & Drop Sizing
    Drag & Drop Scroll Aligning Mouse movement speed Control

    Download LitePrompter Program

    A TRUE 32 BIT W95/NT4.0 Adjustable Teleprompter. Runs well in a Pentium, 586 or better. Your existing (composite/Svideo) video card or scan converter will determine the output quality and how smooth the scrolling action is.  Works without a "dongle" that is normally required with the higher priced teleprompters currently on the market.  

    prompter software for the PC