DeBoard II

Digital Signate and Character Generator
An Easy to use Digital Signage, Character Generator, Rotating Display and Broadcast Multimedia Software Display System for the Multimedia PC.

NEW in version 2.1

  • DirectX 8 (Direct Show) provides a live video window using your Firewire/TV Tuner video capture input.
  • Play AVI files, sound files and multiple graphic images simultaneously while scrolling.
NEW in version 2.2
  • Plays 3 DV Movies simultaneously
  • Tabbed Text for Schedules (see schedule project demo)
Once the program is configured it is very easy to use and maintain.  Your existing video cards or scan converter will determine the output quality and how smooth the screen action is.  DeBoard also uses live image wipes, splits and fades, anti-aliased text, page flips, temperature probe capabilities and much much more. Once the program is configured it is very easy to use and maintain. Registered users receive unlimited phone and email support for up to 60 days. This self extracting EXE file includes both install and un-install wizards. DeBoard is the PC Graphical Information Display System for any presentation. This is a Scrolling/Crawling-4 monitor video advertising/display software. DeBoard supports up to four different monitors or four different video outputs at the same time with four different program contents! Because DeBoard is completely thread based, you can adjust the speed of each scroll, crawl and image box independently, to match your needs.

About the included File Transfer Utility
The file transfer utility that is included in this package is used to transfer files to DeBoard running on a remote computer. This program assumes you have the RELOAD option set in the current running version of DeBoard. This program uses timers to send the files to DeBoard. Time ranges from 1 second to 4 hours. It will replace the current text files running in DeBoard. You should make backups of all text files before using this program.

The remote machine is the computer running the FileTransfer utility. It is assumed that you have the proper security settings on the computer running DeBoard. You must have 'file create and write" rights on this machine(running DeBoard) from the remote. You may need to map the DeBoard drive to the remote machine's directly using drive letters. In testing we did not have to do a mapping.

To map DeBoard's drive to the remote machine do the following:
Click on 'My Computer" and select [Map Drive]. Locate the DeBoard machine on you network and map it's drive to the remote machine using any drive letter. The options are explained below.

See the options on the Help page in the file transfer utility for more information.

  • Pentium 150mhz with 24mb ram for single monitor, 32 meg ram for multiple monitor version.
  • Scan Converter Or VGA To NTSC Converter
  • 4+ Meg 64 Bit Video Card.
  • (4 ea S3 type recommended for W98)
  • Highly Suggested: NT4.0 SP6 or  W2K
  • Live Video window requires DX8 or higher and a working DV capture input device The minimum recommended system requirements are Pentium III 450MHz, 64-128MB RAM or better. Requires DirectX DirestShow 8.0 or above.
  • MS DirectX8
  • Firewire board 
  • DV video camera
  • TVtuner or capture source
  • Windows 2000

  • Now with DirectX8 (Direct Show) support.
  • Video messaging systems
  • 16 million foreground/background colors.
  • Uses windows fonts. 
  • Controls up to 4 monitors.
  • Graphic Image Wipes & motion
  • Transparent titles and Anti Aliased text
  • Windows Style Script Editor (cut, paste, copy, etc.).
  • Variable speed scroll, crawl  & image boxes.
  • Uses live multiple text files for input (while scrolling!)
  • Built in free slide player & text page flipper 
  • Multimedia players. 
  • W98 version supports "TempTrax" temperature probe output.
  • Three controllable text scroll regions on screen.
  • One controllable crawl line.
  • Three controllable images boxes for display graphics.
  • One date/time line.
  • Rolling Bitmap/Jpeg display.
  • Can report or suppress error logs for un-attended use.
  • Used as a Character Generator for many Public Access Stations.

DeBoard is perfect for local public access stations needing a Character Generator. DeBoard is easy to use and very flexible. Use all or one of the many image and scrolling boxes available.

Suggested Uses:
  • Rotating Display 
  • Live Broadcast Information
  • Live DirectX 8 firewire camera feed 
  • Multiple Monitor Displays 
  • Broadcast Scheduling (scroll) 
  • Hospitals, Airports, Hotels/Motels 
  • Broadcast Updates 
  • Character generator for many markets including Cable TV, Education, Hospitality, Corporate, Industrial, etc.
  • Digital Signage

prompter software for the PC