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 The teleprompter software and display programs offered here use the latest technology combined with suggested user enhancements.
We have specifically helped design TeleScreen-32, StudioPrompter and titling software here from feedback and suggestions made by satisfied customers.
This makes our prompter software the most CUSTOMER COMPLETE on the planet. Try our no-hassle demos today before you buy.
TeleScreen-32, StudioPrompter and the display software here is used internationally by television stations, US Government, educational institutions, videographer's, film makers, political groups, cable stations, corporations and individuals. Download a FREE no-hassle copy today to see why our customers rate our prompter software number ONE.
Your Teleprompter monitor

A color monitor is not required or necessary unless the teleprompter software has features that can be enhanced by color. A monochrome monitor will generally be sufficient and will probably be less expensive. Two inexpensive sources of composite video monochrome monitors in the used equipment market are the Apple //e and //c computer monitors of the size of 12" and 9" respectively. Also some of the newer LCD monitors have a NTSC  video-in. In many cases your computer monitor will work just as well.
Reading Prompter Scripts

How fast can you read the script? Keep your energy up. How much vocal variety can you read into it? Read a sentence aloud as you vary the emphasis on different words. Don't remain static. Use natural gestures. Move your hands, change your facial expressions. Remember this is a 'moving' presentation. Pauses help tell your story by placing drawing attention to important ideas. Never emphasize prepositions. Practice with your speech prompter.
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